LabourMums results

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The figures are in. 7 core campaigners visited Carlisle and Morecambe as part of the #LabourMums weekend on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 July 2014.

The highlights: #LabourMums visited Carlisle (Lee Sheriff) and Morecambe (Amina Lone); engaged 25 activists124 volunteer hours, 680 contacts made and 2500 leaflets delivered.


The April 2014 medalists

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Medalists: 11 campaigners, celebrating with Sally Keeble and Kevin McKeever, completed the #Lab3seats April 2014 M1 challenge.

The highlights: The M1 challenge visited Watford (Matthew Turmaine), Milton Keynes South (Andrew Pakes) and both Northampton North (Sally Keeble) and Northampton South (Kevin McKeever); engaged 30 activists; 95 volunteer hours, 930 contacts made.

The March 2014 medalists

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Medalists: 9 campaigners, celebrating with Victoria Groulef, completed the #Lab3seats March 2014 M4 challenge.

The highlights: The M4 challenge visited Swindon North (Mark Dempsey), Swindon South (Anne Snelgrove) and Reading West (Victoria Groulef); engaged 33 activists; 60 volunteer hours.

Very nice comment from party campaign guru:

The next event is on 12 April 2014: The M1 challenge.

The February 2014 medalists

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The February 2014 medalists

Medalists: 12 campaigners, including Heidi Alexander MP, completed the #Lab3seats February 2014 London challenge.

The highlights: The London challenge visited Finchley and Golders Green (Sarah Sackman), Hendon (Andrew Dismore) and Harrow East (Uma Kumaran); engaged 61 activists; 157 volunteer hours; 950 contacts.

The January 2014 medalists

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The January 2014 medalists

Medalists: 14 campaigners completed the #Lab3seats January 2014 challenge in Hove and Portslade (Peter Kyle), Crawley (Chris Oxlade) Ilford North (Wes Streeting); engaged 51 activists; 133 volunteer hours and made 1504 contacts.