From time-to-time the Lab3seats team organise bespoke events, or series of events or challenges. Find out more:


London 2016

Lab3seats does London was a joint campaign with Progress to help Sadiq Khan, the Labour  candidate for mayor of London in his bid for City Hall.

Lab3seats does London


Following the three seats challenge model, Progress continues the campaign tours in Scotland to help comrades up against the Scottish National party


On tour

Join us as the three seats challenge goes on tour in the February half term (15-21 February 2015). Each day a new challenge in a new region and two challenges simultaneously in Wales.

Everyone is welcome – it promises to be fun, inclusive and will make a huge number of conversations as we try to make this Conservative-led government a one-term government.


Having visited 24 seats in 7 days, the team engaged 321 activists who made 717 volunteer hours and started 5,105 conversations for Labour candidates.


Labour has selected a number of different candidates for the next election. This includes two excellent people, Lee Sherriff and Amina Lone. They are both single mums and working round the clock to win to win Carlisle (target seat 15) and Morecambe (14) respectively. We are joining them for an intensive weekend of #Labourdoorstep.


The figures are in. 7 core campaigners visited Carlisle and Morecambe as part of the #LabourMums weekend on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 July 2014.

The highlights: #LabourMums visited Carlisle (Lee Sheriff) and Morecambe (Amina Lone); engaged 25 activists124 volunteer hours, 680 contacts made and 2500 leaflets delivered.


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