Three seats challenge on tour

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Three_Seats_Advert_Online_banners_TWITTERJoin us as the three seats challenge goes on tour, in partnership with Progress, during the February half term (15-21 February 2015). Each day a new challenge in a new region, two challenges in one day in Wales. We will start canvassing in each at 10.30am, 12.45pm and 3pm.

Everyone is welcome – it promises to be fun, inclusive and will make a huge number of conversations as we try to make this Conservative-led government a one-term government.

Here is where you can get involved:

Sunday 15 February

1. Jo McCarron – Kingswood, target seat 41
2. David Drew – Stroud, target seat 16
3. Sophy Gardner – Gloucester, target seat 38

Register here

Monday 16 February

4. Joy Squires – Worcester, target seat 47
5. Rebecca Blake – Redditch, target seat 100
6. Jess Phillips – Yardley, target seat 54

Register here

Tuesday 17 February

North Wales
7. Alun Pugh– Arfon, target seat 45
8. Mary Wimbury – Aberconwy, target seat 82
9. Chris Matheson – City of Chester, target seat 44

Register here

South Wales
A. Mari Williams – Cardiff North, target seat 4
B. Jo Stevens – Cardiff Central, target seat 97
C. Chris Elmore – Vale of Glamorgan, target seat 63

Register here

Wednesday 18 February

10. Adrian Heald – Crew and Nantwich, target seat 86
11. Julia Tickridge – Weaver Vale, target seat 17
12. Nick Bent – Warrington South, target seat 22

Register here

Thursday 19 February

13. Paula Sherriff – Dewsbury, target seat 21
14. Jamie Hanley – Pudsey, target seat 26
15. Veronica King – Elmet and Rothwell, target seat 59

Register here

Friday 20 February

16. Lucy Rigby – Lincoln, target seat 18
17. Léonie Mathers – Sherwood, target seat 5
18. Kevin Gillott – Amber Valley, target seat 11

Register here

Saturday 21 February

19. Daniel Zeichner – Cambridge, target seat 103
20. Suzy Stride – Harlow, target seat 81
21. Wes Streeting – Ilford North, target seat 83

Register here

All are welcome, bring a friend and training is available for new campaigners.

I hope you are able to join us, we look forward to seeing you on the #Labourdoorstep.

The Lab3seats tour in being done in partnership with Progress.


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