Dan Jarvis does his own Lab3seats

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Three cheers for Dan Jarvis, who completed his own Labour Three Seat Challenge in Brighton & Hove this week. This follows the official Lab3seats visit where the team made 800 contacts and the a simuilar visit organised by Young Labour.

The seats are 19th, 25th and 28th on Labour’s target list respectively and we won all of them the last time we went from opposition into government. We need to do the same thing next year to get Ed Miliband into Downing Street.

Dan, who is leading Labour’s First World War commemorations, went one step further and squeezed in three local visits – a cup of tea with organisers from local the Royal British Legion, a visit to Blind Veterans UK’s Brighton centre, and a meeting with members from all three Brighton CLPs in the evening.

In Hove, where the Tory MP is standing down, Dan and candidate Peter Kyle joined a local veteran:

And it looks like they were lucky with the weather:

Brighton Kemptown has a candidate known well in Brighton and rooted in the local community standing again for Labour:

Less than 24 hours before Dan hit the doorstep on Thursday, the Tory incumbents Simon Kirby and Mike Weatherley were voting against Labour motions in Parliament to strengthen the National Minimum Wage and protect the National Health Service. A nice reminder while we do all this doorknocking.

The city centre seat of Brighton Pavilion – home to biggest hotels and iconic piers – was captured by Caroline Lucas and the Greens in 2010. Dan and candidate Purna Sen, found that many feel burned by the experience of voting Green last time. In the four years since the Greens took control of the council rubbish has been piling up in the streets and – ironically – the council now has one of the worst recycling records in the country.

As anyone who’s taken part in Lab3Seats challenge (think the three peaks but with #Labourdoorstep) will know, a typical day is built around the key seat candidates. But it is tiring for all the campaigners. Not Dan it seems. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised though – Dan attempted to climb K2 in his youth, served a short stretch in the armed forces and was the quickest Labour MP to complete the London Marathon earlier this year, so he’s no stranger endurance tests.

There will be less than 200 days until Polling Day this Sunday and any visit from Labour MPs is always a huge boost for local activists. For anyone who hasn’t yet visited, Brighton is less than an hour from London and boasts sun, sea and sand as well as plenty of doors to knock on.

Lab3Seats next road trip will also be on 8 November. Keep the date free.

2 thoughts on “Dan Jarvis does his own Lab3seats

    […] calendar as we near the election, many others have taken up the idea. Both Young Labour and Dan Jarvis MP have done their own three-seat […]

    ‘This is how you do it’ | Richard Angell said:
    January 19, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    […] calendar as we near the election, many others have taken up the idea. Both Young Labour and Dan Jarvis MP have done their own three-seat […]

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