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Lab3seats June 2014: The East Anglia challenge

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Saturday 7 June 2014

07.15 Meet at the Ritzy cinema, Brixton (email now for a place in one of the cars)

07.45 Meet at Mile End tube (email now for a place in one of the cars)

10.15: Meet in Norwich North (Household Garden Centre, 63 Mousehold Lane, NR7 8HP)

10.30: On the ‪#LabourDoorstep‬ for Jess Asato (PPC for Norwich North)

12.15: Hit the road to Great Yarmouth (bring your own packed lunch)

13.00: On the #LabourDoorstep for Lara Norris (PPC for Great Yarmouth)

14.45: Hit the road to Waveney (bring your own packed lunch)

15.30: On the #LabourDoorstep for Bob Blizzard (PPC for Waveney)

17.00: Head back to London

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The May 2014 medalists

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Medalists: The core campaigners who visited Lincoln, Peterborough and Stevenage as part of the A1 #Lab3seats challenge on Saturday 10 May 2014.

The highlights: The A1 challenge visited Lincoln (Lucy Rigby), Peterborough (Lisa Forbes) and Stevenage (Sharon Taylor) ; engaged 27 activists; 63 volunteer hours.

Most importantly, #Lab3seats was joined in Lincoln by chief whip, Rosie Winterton.